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 Current Projects

S# Project Title Project Number Client Start Date Expected Completion Date
1 Sand Control & Associated Services at North Kuwait (KME) 14050970 KOC 1-Sep-14 31-Aug-18
2 Building, Civil Construction and Maintenance Works in Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery CA/3994 KNPC 1-Jun-14 31-May-19
3 Maintenance & Repair Services of Pipelines for Gas Management Assets 13050448 KOC 28-Aug-13 29-Aug-18
4 Rehabilitation Works in Offsite Pipe ways at Zone 1 & Zone 3 and Culverts in MAA Refinery CA/CPD/0166 KNPC 25-Sep-16 26-Sep-18
5 Dodsal's Effluent Water Treatment & Injection Plant at North Kuwait 14050642 KOC/Dodsal 13-Aug-15 30-Dec-18
6 Leasing of Industrial Catering Equipment, Domestic Appliances and Mechanical Equipment 15051674 KOC 1-Jul-16 30-Jun-21
  IMCO Construction of Two (2) New 132/11kV Substations, 1 in Ratqa & 1 in Sabriya 15050925 KOC 5-Aug-15 31-Dec-16
8 Construction of New Security Fence and Other Ancillary Associated Works for North Kuwait Assets 15051970 KOC 15-Nov-15 14-Nov-17
9 Manifold Group Trunk line (System For GC 29) Project. 15051614 KOC/Petrofac 12-Apr-16 01-Sep-18
10 Upgrade & Replacement of Cholorination Plant at Al Zoor South Power & Water Distillation   MEW 23-Nov-16 23-Nov-19
11 Ali Al Sabah Military Academy 1412812 MOD 42092 28-Mar-19
12 Replacement of Old Substations in West Kuwait Area 17052520 KOC 26-Nov-17 25-Nov-19
13 Civil and Tank (C&T) Works - KIPIC Al-Zour Refinery Project EPC 0059 00-ZA-E-11428-001 ESSAR 26-Jul-18 28-Feb-19

Completed projects

Fabrication & Commissioning Main Camps KOC
Revamping Services Of Production Facilities KOC
Fabrication And Commissioning Of New Rig Offices And Main Camps For Kdc-43 KAFCO
Civil, Cable Works & Building Maintenance Services In Mab Refinery KNPC
Minor Construction Of Mechanical Works In Ahmadi KOC
Scaffolding Works Kcc1.8Mtpy Kiln Project KAFCO
Package E-14, Refractory Erection Works For The New 5500 Tpdcc Line-Ii Expansion Project. KCC
Raw Mill Erection Works Package E11 For New 5500 Tadkcc Line Ii Expansion Project. KCC
Civil & Structural Works For New Gc-16 Civil Facility (West Kuwait) KOC
Supply Of Crew For Small Boats ( Nakilat Boats) KOTC
20"Gas Pipeline Hidero Testing, File No. 148 KOC
Provision Of Crew For Nakilat Tug Boat KOTC
Provision Of Power Supply To Mutla Radio Repeater Station Adjustment Order No. 1 KOC
Maintenance Services To Offices And Industrial Facilities - Ahmadi KOC
Manpower Services For Admin. Different Division Of Company PIC
Mooring & Associated Works At Knpc Oil Terminals PIC
Low Value Contract For Vessel (Knock Out Drum) Cut Boot Modification For Gas Sweetening Facility (Gsf) In West Kuwait KOC
Supply & Installation Of 1 Solar Street Lighting System At Wara Roundabout Near Burgan Office Complex KOC
Supply Of Crew (Nakilat Boats) KOTC
Maintenance & Repair Services Of Pipelines For Gas Management Assets KOC
Technical Support Works In Labs & Co. Process Plants PIC
Sub-Consultancy Services For Slit Trenching Works For 1852 &1761 Projects KOC
Supply & Install 50,000 Us Gallon Brackish Water Tank At 8Th Avenue North Ahmadi. KOC
Electrical Work For Integrated Security System & C3 Building (Koc South Tank Farm) KOC
Associated Services For Export Facilities KOC
Equate Mooring Services EQUATE
Civil Services And Manpower Supply Local Marketing KNPC
New 11Kv 72Mw Main Bulk Intake Substations At Raudhatain D (Ra-D) & Sabriya B (Sa-B) Area KOC
Supply, Installation & Commissioning Of Equipment & Machinery For The Workshops And Warehouses In The New Lpg Filling Plant At Um Al Aish KOTC
Maintenance Works At Ahmadi Gardens And Play Grounds KOC
Building & Ac Maintenance Services For South Kuwait Field Areas KOC
Construction Of Core Store And Laboratory # 3 In Ahmadi KOC
Supply And Install Of 132Kv Xlpe Cables, Pilot Cables With Accessories In Shuaiba. MEW
Provision Of Silours To Work @Shuwaik Port Of Kpa KPA
Supply Of Crew For Small Boats ( Nakilat Boats) KOTC
Service Buildings For Sabah Al-Ahmed City PAHW