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The company’s expertise in:

  • Oil Sector facilities & utilities
  • Pipelines & manifolds and related Services

From initial engineering to final commissioning, O&G Engineering has the people and experience to successfully complete construction projects, with a commitment to quality, efficiency and providing values.O&G Services include but not limited: Design, civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and fabrication & insulation works, precommissioning; and commissioning To ensure coordination and timeliness in execution, activities are carried out by two closely joint operating units; one unit performs mechanical, electrical and instrumentation activities, while another performs civil works.

O&G operations managers draw on the company’s support facilities for all operational needs. The Equipment Division supplies the required construction equipment; and other departments provide materials management, quality control and additional services to ensure health, safety and environmental matters are properly addressed.

1. Intelligent Pigging & Pigging Services
O&G Engineering with their recognized international partners specializes in pigging ‘unpiggable’ pipelines. Pipelines with no launching or receiving facilities, unbarred tees and other configurations traditionally have been deemed ‘unpiggable’.

O&G has successfully pigged all ‘unpiggable’ scenarios as the technology has been specifically designed for this task. With such expertise normal ‘piggable’ lines become very straightforward. Intelligent Pig can be used to inspect pipelines that are carbon steel, austenitic steel, high density polyethylene (HDPE), concrete, concrete lined, or HDPE lined. The lines can be subsea, underground, or above ground, and can be bare pipes, coated or insulated with any material.

2. Commissioning Services

Pipeline Commissioning and Plant Commissioning
O & G offers Air / Nitrogen compression services used throughout the life cycle of pipelines and process facilities either offshore or onshore. O & G has highly experienced, well trained personnel, and modern innovative equipment to meet all your compression requirements for pipeline, process, and Industrial plant pre-commissioning and commissioning safely and efficiently.

Our full range of pre-commissioning services makes us the provider of choice for pipeline construction companies looking for reliability, safety and quality. In short, we provide any air or nitrogen compression service (or package of services) carried out on permanently installed customer equipment that involves drying, testing, purging, or improving production.

Our Commissioning capabilities include:
Pressure testing: Multiple techniques, using air or nitrogen.
Dewatering: After hydrostatic testing, using the most modern compression equipment to drive nitrogen or air.
Purging: Using our innovative all in one Combo unit (Compressor, Booster and Nitrogen Generation on one skid) to effectively and completely purge the pipeline prior to commissioning, capping or abandonment.
Caliper survey: The Caliper Survey is an electronic geometric survey of the pipeline. The Caliper tool identifies dent or oval ties for further references:  Bends (including radius) and Dents

3. Decommissioning Services
O&G’s experience and proven systems can help cost-effectively decommission projects in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Pipelines can be cleaned and recertified for future use or completely decommissioned.

Typical services include the following:
    -On site management

4. Shut down Services
O&G understands the critical nature and tight duration of shutdown contracts, which requires the availability of skilled staff, spare parts, and tools, quick planning and professional execution of all activities during the limited time frame, O&G is one of the major expert contractors for shutdown maintenance contracts in Oil & Petrochemical sectors.

5. Catalyst replacement services
O&G offers project support services including shutdown management, plant preparation, and catalyst replacement. In preparation for all work, the catalytic reactors are inertised with nitrogen, in order to prevent chemical and thermal reactions while work is in progress in the reactor. Requirement oriented, economical systems are used, which guarantee controlled regulation of the nitrogen feed. The purity of the gas is over 99%. As an environmentally sound preparation for catalyst handling, the reactors are flushed with hot nitrogen. In this way, hydrocarbon deposits are evaporated from the catalyst mass and the reactors are dried out. Following breakdowns in catalytic plants, the product is released by hot stripping.