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About Al-Dorra

Al-Dorra Petroleum services is a Kuwaiti Shareholding Co. (Closed) founded in 2006 with a paid up Capital of KD 28,144,000 million, the company was founded with the goal of providing  integrated and  reliable services in the energy and petrochemicals sector, through a  comprehensive portfolio of subsidiaries and its network of strategic partners.  
The Portfolio Growth has been achieve through a series of Acquisitions, Grass root initiative, Joint ventures and Strategic alliances focusing on various segments of Kuwait Energy Sector.

AlDorra strategy is to continue to grow and support its existing portfolio to expand its scope of services and markets, and to leverage the synergy among its current subsidiaries, in order to provide integrated reliable services in the targeted energy and petrochemicals sectors.ion.



"To be a leading strategic regional holding company offering diversified products and services to the oil and gas sector. The qualifications, efficiency and high quality offerings of our subsidiaries combined with our know-how, leadership and commitment to excellence allow us to become the reliable and professional partner of choice"


"We oversee a complementary portfolio of companies catering to the oil & gas industry. We rely on our highly experienced leadership and business ethics to enable our subsidiaries to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage thereby maximizing value for our customers and shareholders while providing our people with a safe and healthy environment in which they are motivated to grow and excel"




Waleed Al Houti

Abdullah Nasser Alsayer

Vice Chairman




Fahad Yagoub Aljouaan

Board Member
Khaled Alsaif

Board Member
Mohammad Bader Alsayer

Board Member




Moneer Boyabis

Board Member
Faisal Malalaah

Board Member



At Al-Dorra Petroleum Services, we believe that our success comes from our commitment to innovation and quality of service. The company draws upon the expertise of our world class professionals, our unique and comprehensive portfolio of subsidiaries and our strategic relations within the Oil and Gas industry. Our global reach has been the result of carefully planned and effectively executed business plans designed to grow the company and enhance the industry.

We believe in the importance of ethical business practices and we adhere to the highest standards of conduct internally and externally. We also believe in the importance of building and maintaining shareholder trust and value, hence our continuous efforts to create an efficient, transparent and unsurpassed corporate environment.

Our responsibility not only lies within the organization, but within our community as well. We strive to be a contributing member of this community, hence our focus on developing local talent and on providing them with growth opportunities within our group of companies

Waleed Al Houti



Dr. Alawi Taqi

Al Dorra Group
Chief Executive Officer



Ms. Zainab Jaber
Mohammad Alneamah

Al Dorra Group
HR Manager
Mr. Joseph Varghese

Al Dorra Group
Chief Accountant
Mr. Shailesh Laddhad

Financial Controller



Mr. Awadh Jaber
Mejali Alshammeri

General Manager -
Mr. Abdulrahman
Muayed Al-Mishri

General Manager -
Mr. Sajith Narayan

General Manager -



Shared value

Al-Dorra’s Founding Shareholders, its Board of Directors, Management and employees are bound together by shared values and guiding principles and are committed to a corporate culture of dedication to quality of service. The Team comprises of professionals that want to turn innovative concepts, improvement opportunities and knowledge into realized value for both, clients and shareholders alike.

The Team is driven by a willingness to change with the perpetually transforming markets. The records of extensive leadership, management and professional expertise of each of the Team members in their respective fields is a precursor to the collective potential that the Team possesses in generating exceptional deal flows for Al-Dorra shareholders and in satisfying clients through offering consistently reliable quality services.

     Quality of  Service

     Customer Satisfaction

     Commitment to Innovation

     Environmental Awareness