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Applications: Vessel applications with narrow seating widths & pipeline applications

Properties: Good general purpose polychloroprene sheet recommended for use in less demanding situations with air, water,

non-oxidising acid and aliphatic hydrocarbons or where extra resistance to heat, ozone or weathering is required.

Typical properties:

Corrugated metallic core provides the gasket with improved handling characteristics over graphite laminates

Corrugations on the core created high stress regions to allow excellent sealing properties with low gasket loads.

Typical Specifications:

Maximum temperature – 450ºC

Maximum pressure – 100 bar

Thickness – 2.5 mm (standard)

  • Size as per customer requirement.
  • Chevron Standards
  • Dow Standards
  • Tested for:

Minimum shear, pressure and bolt stress as per Radial Shear Tightness (RAST) Test

  • Materials to ASTM Standards:
    • Stainless Steel 304L, 316L, 321
    • Alloys: Inconel 600, 800, 825, Alloy-20, F5, Monel-400
    • Exotic Materials: Titanium