About Al-Dorra

Al-Dorra is a Kuwaiti Shareholding Co. (Closed) founded in 2006 with a paid up Capital of KD 28,144,000 million, to provide unique, innovative, integrated reliable services in the energy and petrochemicals sector, through its comprehensive portfolio of subsidiaries and its network of strategic partners.

Al-Dorra’s portfolio growth will involve, but not be limited to Mergers, Acquisitions, Grass root initiative, Joint ventures and Strategic alliances with reliable and growth-oriented service providers to revolutionize the way in which government or private sector energy corporations address their operational needs.

With the aim of creating a comprehensive network of service partners for any energy business in the industry, Al Dorra through its financial strength, consultant support and market insight has the wherewithal to recognize future potential and mutual profitability with any organization, in all its areas of operation.

Business Model

Portfolio Growth

  • M&A
  • Strategic alliances
  • Grass root initiative

Portfolio Support

  • Strategic
  • Financial
  • BD & Marketing


"To be a leading strategic regional holding company offering diversified products and services to the oil and gas sector. The qualifications, efficiency and high quality offerings of our subsidiaries combined with our know-how, leadership and commitment to excellence allow us to become the reliable and professional partner of choice"


"We oversee a complementary portfolio of companies catering to the oil & gas industry. We rely on our highly experienced leadership and business ethics to enable our subsidiaries to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage thereby maximizing value for our customers and shareholders while providing our people with a safe and healthy environment in which they are motivated to grow and excel"